The NRBB would like to thank the many that exercised a great deal of patience in this very fluid pandemic situation. This week, the city agreed to open the fields based on the NRBB's Covid Guidelines.

On Wednesday, travel teams were permitted to begin play under these guidelines. On Tuesday, the NRBB decided to move forward with a summer recreation baseball and softball program. The summer program will be very different and details are still in the planning stages.

The first course of action will be to refund all recreation players registered in the spring program. This process will begin today or tomorrow.

Once refunds are processed, registration for the new program will open, and run for a fairly short period of time which has not yet been determined. The goal of this effort is to provide a FUN summer activity for the youth of our community.

The summer program's intent is to be instructional for some younger ages and games for others. The number of participants will dictate what can be offered. In some cases and if registration is too low, the NRBB may still need to shut down that specific age group, and issue refunds. We simply do not know what interest there will be. The program will most likely run through the end of July. The number of participants, available and open fields, city staff resources and coaching resources will influence what is and can be offered.

The cost of this program will be a flat $25 fee. Uniforms will not be issued. There will also be guidelines for all to follow. Please click on Policy link for more information.

Policy - 2020 NRBB Coronavirus Guidelines

NRBB will most likely mandate that every player has their own glove, bat, helmet, mask and hand sanitizer. It is also advised that parents and guardians register their child or children with an open mind. To emphasize again, the goal is to provide a FUN summer activity.

Thanks again. We hope to see your children on a field this summer.