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Information for Managers & Coaches

The NRBB would like to thank you for taking an interest in our program and stopping by the Coach’s Corner to learn more. Managing and Coaching is a very critical position in the league. You will become an automatic role model for our community’s youth by becoming a manager or coach. Managing and coaching is a privilege and not guaranteed.

Take a moment to review the requirements. Feel free to visit our Trustee page and contact anyone if you have questions. Managers and coaches will not be permitted to take the field if any of the following requirements are not met.


Requirements for Managing and Coaching:

  1. All Recreation and Travel Managers and Coaches: must agree to submit a background check every year. The NRBB will pay for this online background check. Results remain private and may be reviewed by the NRBB Conduct Official. Follow this SECURE link - Background Check Link
  1. All Recreation Managers: must complete an online course provided by the National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS) and must renew their NAYS accreditation every 3-years. This course is recommended for coaches too, although not mandatory. To complete the NAYS requirement managers will need to start a NAYS membership. The NAYS membership costs $20 and will include the "Coaching Youth Sports" course and the second course of choice. Depending on the league of interest, please choose between "softball", "baseball", or "baseball 8 & under". Once both courses are completed, your membership becomes active - NAYS Link
  1. All Recreation Managers and Coaches: must be certified in accordance with the State of Ohio Return to Play Law (Concussion). This course can be taken in combination with the NAYS course, but the training module must be completed. Certification can also be achieved independently by taking any course which is recognized by the state of Ohio. If taken independently, a dated copy of the certification must be provided to the NRBB Compliance Official.
    Concussion Prevention Resources.
  1. All Recreation and Travel Managers and Coaches: must watch this 20-minute NRBB Abuse and Molestation Awareness Video every 3 years. Dated confirmation of when this video was watched must be provided to the NRBB Compliance Official.


  1. All Recreation Managers and Coaches: must comply with the State of Ohio Lindsay’s Law (Sudden Cardiac Arrest). A link to the 18-minute video and read the informational handout is below. Dated confirmation that this information was watched and understood must be provided to the NRBB Compliance Official. This is a yearly requirement.


Other Information for Managers and Coaches:

  1. To view the NRBB Rules & Regulations Handbook, follow this link - NRBB Rulebook
  1. Manager protests are rare but are permitted. Information regarding the game situation in question must be carefully gathered in accordance with the Rules & Regulations Handbook and entered into the following form - Protest Form
  1. Managers may reserve the Batting Cages and Pitching Machines. For information follow this link - Policy – Batting Cage & Pitching Machine
  1. For general information regarding fields and facilities follow this link - General Information – Fields Facilities




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